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        Amplifeeder是一款ASP.NET+AJAX开发的开源免费的社会化媒体聚合程序。     Amplifeeder聚合了Flickr、Twitter、YouTube、Google Shared Items、Tumblr、Digg、Reddit、LastFM、Stumbleupon、Delicious、Upcoming、Mixx、BrightKite等网站上的内容,并可处理RSS feed。     Amplifeeder可以自动导入用户在FriendFeed中使用的服务,新站点的设置时间为30秒左右。     唯一遗憾的是Amplifeeder没有中文版,希望哪位程序汉化高手看到后能提供一套汉化版的Amplifeeder聚合程序,以便方便国内站长。 Amplifeeder网站: http://www.amplifeeder.com/
    Amplifeeder自带不少模板, 下面是列出的部分演示 amplifeeder
    Disorder TemplateThemes allow you to customise the look and feel of your AmpliFeeder installation. You can style your page and even give each item on it an individual style based on it's source. So for example, Twitter items can be styled differently to YouTube items etc. Have a look at this template as it shows the fine grained level of control AmpliFeeder gives you to style your site as you wish.
    Komakino3 TemplateThe Komakino theme comes in 3 colorways and we are showing off the snazzy red version here. This template demonstrates AmpliFeeder's ability to group similar items together, instead of just grouping sources. So for example the videos pane shows videos from YouTube and Vimeo, the images from Flickr and Picasa, status updates from Twitter and Facebook. AmpliFeeder is so flexible that you can organize things exactly how you wish.
    Irresistible TemplateThis template comes to you courtesy of the incredible people over at WooThemes.com and is a port of their amazing Irresistible WordPress theme. If you are in the market for a WordPress theme, WooThemes really are the people you need to speak to. Have a look at their portfolio.
    Interzone TemplateDark and moody with some nice futuristic transparent effects. The text is quite densely packed and has a more traditional blog-type look as data flows right down the page. I was thinking of doing a few alternate versions in different colour-ways if the demand was there. Let me know if this is something you would like to see.
    Shadowplay ThemeA cool and clear contemporary design allows users to easily to track your views and web interactions. AmpliFeeder themes can have detail pages that allow your users to comment on individual items. All comments are moderated in the administration panel and comment counts are displayed next to the items themselves.
    Transmission TemplateThis theme attempts to organise your data in a clear and consistent manner. I spent quite a lot of time working on the typography, using commonly installed fonts but in a different way and balancing the weight of the elements. This turned out to be one of my favourites.
    Wilderness TemplateThis is probably the most Web 2.0 looking theme on display here. The fat large scale font effects and smooth brightly coloured gradients make this design pop off the screen. The oversize RSS feed icon rounds of the design nicely.
    Colony TemplateIf you are not the flashy type and need something a bit more understated, then this theme is for you. It looks like a more traditional blog design ( even though blogs are dead! ) and is suitable for a wide range of uses. It's prime for some quick CSS colour styling if you want something unique fast.
    Exhibition TemplateData management and display is an exact science nowadays and I followed as many best practice UX documents I could find in order to create a theme that was elegent, stylish and at the same time gives as much clarity to the conveyed information as possible. Columns display the item dates, a large font and letter spacing scheme are easy on the eye and right justified icons clearly indicate the source.
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